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QuickBooks Backup – PART III – Troubleshooting





  • Run the backup process again
  • Check if the external device has free space and not damaged
  • If Data Verification Errors arises backup will fail. Follow prompts and let the QuickBooks rebuild data. Then go for backup. Always opt for Complete Verification
  • While setting up Scheduled Backups windows password is to entered to avoid Windows Permission issues
  • When you take backup on a CD always verify if really the backup is taken,in ‘Files currently on the CD’


  • If restore fails give the QuickBooks one more chance
  • If restoring from a CD check if the file on CD is in fact .QBB and not .QBW
  • In the case of any external device save the file first to system’s hard disk and then restore
  • A word of caution: If external device is damaged never run the SCAN which may further damage data. Intuit may be able to restore data from a damaged device




  1. Confirm if the file you are restoring has extension of .QBB. Copied (through windows) files can’t be restored. Only .QBB files which are generated through backup process within the QuickBooks only can be restored.
  2. To rule out the possibility of file not opening due to backup device damage, copy the data to computer hard disc and from there try restoring the file through QuickBooks
  3. If the backup media is damaged, do not run scan. If you have .QBB file working go for another backup. If .QBB file is not available Intuit can restore some or most of the data depending on the damage of the device.



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