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Quickbooks vs Peachtree

Excel vs Quickbooks vs Peachtree


Reasons why Excel is used:

√  It comes with no additional cost

√  The question of familiarity

Let us see Limitations of Excel:

  • When working, accidental changes are the common problem. There is no instant alert system.
  • Read only option is really cumbersome and area should be kept on enlarging as the data increases. Changing the data is be time-consuming
  • Multiple users difficulty—Sharing the document is no substitute for multiple users
  • Tracking the users is a challenge
  • Partial access to users is impossible
  • Backup is the real risk. There will be no prompting for backup. Manual backup by copying the document is a distant cousin to what is available in QuickBooks, Peachtree etc

Why not Peachtree accounting software?

  • Peachtree accounting software is designed more for accounting professionals. With its deeper options, non-accounting professionals may find the going a bit tough
  • On the reports side, Peachtree has limitations in pulling for specific periods, monthly etc. Little space to customize
  • Availability of human resources for Peachtree is not as gigantic as QuickBooks

Why use QuickBooks? Advantages over Excel and Peachtree Accounting software:

ü  Whenever data changes QuickBooks alerts if the changes is to be saved-so no unpleasant surprises

ü  What is most important thing for any business? Customers. No you are wrong. Data is the most important for any business. For data protection QuickBooks is supreme. It is the best accounting software in terms of data protection. Do not forget to read about best practices of Quickbooks backups!

ü  Setting up multiple users, restricting access is simple

ü  Audit Trail is the best insurance to track the users

ü  Backup system with prompt promptings, automatic backup, QuickBooks is supreme on this score also

ü  Like icing on the cake, there is a big reservoir of talent numbering around 2 million who are working with QuickBooks. Finding a suitable hand is assured.

ü  Small Business Owners can learn without a big effort. They may learn a few modules of QuickBooks which are used in their business.

ü  Though a few clients hesitate about the cost, generally they are under the impression that every year they need keep on upgrading the QuickBooks. This is not necessary. There are so many files still using 2004, 2005—-. As long as particular QuickBooks version is catering to the requirements you need not upgrade.


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