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Employers – Why use QuickBooks? Excel vs Peachtree vs QuickBooks

Why use QuickBooks?

This is the question we frequently come across from many a Small Business Owner. Yes still a good number of business people use Excel fighting with it to overcome its limitations. Simply put Excel is not designed for accounting. It is a general one. Using Excel for accounting is like riding a donkey  instead of horse in a race. No offense to all the excel users out there. 🙂 We think the best way to explain this is by laying out the pros and cons of what is out there – excel, peachtree and QuickBooks.

We provide you a detailed pros and cons of Excel vs quickbooks vs peachtree software. Please go through the notes in the link below to read more about Quickbooks vs peachtree vs excel. We hope this provides you a starting point of comparing accounting softwares quickbooks and peachtree.

Quickbooks vs Peachtree accounting software

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