QuickBooks Employers

This section will discuss topics related to Quickbooks Employers.

Below are the topics we will cover as a part of this section:


1) Why use QuickBooks? Excel vs Peachtree vs QuickBooks?

2) Why Separate Entity?

3) Provide a bible for New Business Owners.

4) Which type of Entity?

5) What are Payroll Taxes?

6) New Employee Documents.

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Employers – Why use QuickBooks? Excel vs Peachtree vs QuickBooks

Why use QuickBooks? This is the question we frequently come across from many a Small Business Owner. Yes still a good number of business people use Excel fighting with it to overcome its limitations. Simply put Excel is not designed for accounting. It is a general one. Using Excel for accounting is like riding a …

Quickbooks vs Peachtree

Excel vs Quickbooks vs Peachtree   Reasons why Excel is used: √  It comes with no additional cost √  The question of familiarity Let us see Limitations of Excel: When working, accidental changes are the common problem. There is no instant alert system. Read only option is really cumbersome and area should be kept on …

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