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Day in and day out, we watch the clients coming with messed up QuickBooks files. With all the credit to QuickBooks we have to state that it is just Software Program. Garbage in and Garbage out. This is what is happening in a good number of files. Believe us, when we say this – correcting such a file is really a challenge.

To put facts in order, QuickBooks is capable of making any human brain to become an accounting person.  But it has to be used and has to be told in its language. OQuickBook Quiz and Teststherwise, QuickBooks gets confused and bewildered and turns out totally irrelevant output.

Naturally this is the case with any program. QuickBooks can not be an exception. While becoming a QuickBooks Professional is not difficult,   systematic approach, vigorous practice, analytical outlook and probing attitude are necessary ingredients for the recipe of QuickBooks Professional.

Our aim is to keep the website as accurate as possible. We will try to keep it clean and neat giving easy access to the real stuff. Please keep in mind that this is an informational and educational website trying to give you a helping hand in your bid to become a QuickBooks Professional.
YOUR  FEEDBACK: In case you ever find something that seems incorrect or unclear (which will probably never) do leave a comment or email us at admin@quickbooksquiz.com and we will make it sure it is corrected immediately or as soon as possible.

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